Slaughter Services

Inta Steak's slaughter services covers the Taranaki district. We are able to offer on farm slaughter service for beef, pigs, sheep, goats and venison. Beef are killed stress free in their own environment (prefabably kept within their peers) and are then electro stimulated for tenderness. We also accept abattoir killed stock and wild game. Offal removal is accepted at an extra cost of $20.00.

Each quarter is tagged with an assonant number before leaving the site. This tag number identifies the beef as belonging to you and you only, and is used throughout the whole butchering process.



Choose from a large range of cuts including steaks, salamis and sausages.
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Choose from a large range of cuts from leg roasts to mutton hams and patties.
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Choose from leg, loin and shoulder cuts.
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