Beef Pricing

Pay on pick up only.  Internet Banking, Cash or Cheque - no Eftpos.  Please advise if a GST invoice is required so that we can have this available for you at time of pickup.


Killing Charges (incl GST):   
Homekill Slaughtered: $90.00 + hide
Offal Removal (prior arrangement) $20.00
Processing Charges (excl GST):  
Processing $1.05 per kg  
Basic processing includes
  • Fillet, Rump. Scotch Fillet, P/ house Steak - free Flow or Packed
  • Topside roast /Topside Schnitzel
  • Rolled Roast- Seasoned or Plain
  • Mince - filled in 500g tubes
  • Blade Casserole steak (Braising)
    or Tenderised as BBQ Steak
  • Stewing Steak - comes diced.
  • Corned Silverside / Roast Beef
  • Corned Brisket or mince/sausages

Corned Tongue. Oxtail, Heart and Kidneys is given back to customer packed and labeled.

*Our mincer attachment removes sinew and reduces fat.

Small Goods (excl GST):  
Sausages: $3.30 per kg
Flavoured Sausages:
- Italian, Spicy Beef, Herb & Garlic, Mexican
$3.50 per kg
Sausages - Gluten Free $3.80 per kg
Sausages - Pre-cooked $3.50 per kg
Savaloys $3.50 per kg
Sausage Meal Tubes $2.50 per kg
Swiss Roll - Frozen Freeflow $3.30 per kg
Meal Patties - Frozen Freeflow $3.30 per kg
Salami - Mild Garlic & Pepperoni $8.00 each
All meat comes packed, labeled and frozen for your convenience.  

Account Details

  • Account Number: 03 0713 0467559 00