Will you process any animals that we have killed ourselves?

Yes, so long as it has been hygienically slaughtered and free of foreign matter.

Where do we pay?

On collection of meat. If you require an invoice please advise prior to pickup.

How much does my beef weigh?

Your animal is weighed on arrival to our chiller prior to boning and processing. Weighing is done on our rail scale - this is regularly calibrated by an external tester.

Do we get our own meat back?

Without a doubt. Each quarter is tagged with an assonant number/name before leaving site. This tag number identifies the beef as belonging to you and you only and is used throughout the whole butchering process.

Why didn't I get my weight of beast back in meat?

You can loose up to 50% in bone and fat. Dairy breeds and fat cattle beasts don't yield as well.

Can you truck our beef to your premises?

No! Trucked beef is stressed meat and stressed meat is tough meat. We prefer to slaughter relaxed animals in a stress free environment within their own peers. Animals graze in their own paddock until the morning they are killed.

Are you a qualified butcher and is your premises registered?

Yes. I have over 25 years professional butchery experience. I am an executive member of the Federated Farmers Rural Butchers and our business is NZFSA listed.

What are our bank details for bank transactions?

Account Number: 03 0713 0467559 00


"We can only guarantee our workmanship which is all done in our premises, we are not responsible for the quality of the animal supplied."